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(which pretty much makes the library at your architecture university obsolete!)

Which is:

There is certain kind of charge field - which can be described well as CENTRIPETAL - CONJUGATE - FRACTAL - IMPLOSIVE - BIOACTIVE..


This is dramatically measureable- and CHANGES EVERYTHING about the way architecture should be taught!

When you choose the right ( high dielectric / generally biologic) materials- in the right rose like / fractal geometry- YOU CREATE SACRED SPACE AND LIFE! ( and Bliss)

We should all be very angry that ignoring this - architects continue building steel and aluminum electrosmog -boxes!!- which demonstrably and measureably WEAKEN germinating seeds- AND your children!?

Read the full engineering curriculum for biologic architecture - with many examples of life force MEASURES- at

Our biologic architecture curriculum leads the world (see our international conferences)- in both science and acceptance.

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 Biologic Architecture-Deep Science and Application-Dan Winter, Juan Schlosser, Alosha Lynov - part of Nov. Conference. BioArch- ref- and The electrical science of biologic architecture Sacred space and life force inside a seed are both defined by the same engineering. The charge field must be centripetal or fractal or implosive. Measuring the frequencies of buildings proves that harmonic implosion is the true electrical science of creating structures which cause seeds and children to grow, see . Our international curriculum teaching biologic architecture is in use around the world: and Creating this living space requires using biologic materials (high dielectric) aligning to magnetic grids and avoiding things like steel, aluminum and electro-smog. The ancients knew how to create sacred space which could heal and cause seeds to activate. It is urgent that we learn this electrical science which in essence is the ‘fractal field’ of implosion. Juan Schlosser – Juan Schlosser is a bioarchitect and the founder of Bio Arc. The theme of his work is nature energy in all its forms and manifestations. Based in Bali, Juan as co-founder of ‘The New Earth Project’ and founder of Bio Arc, continues expanding the vision of bio architecture as a medium to redefine architectural practices and contribute to generating a scientific design basis to creating a regenerative architectural system. Applications and experience from a biologic architect Juan will present his professional work as a biologic architect and design engineer. His legendary bamboo structures have unique energetic qualities beneficial to all living systems. Inspired by Dan Winter’s life work, Juan will discuss measurement of buildings, confirming how charge signatures (fractal and centripetal) actually correlate to seed germination and life force. “If life force equals the ability to attract and self-organize capacitive charge, it becomes possible to define the real function of architecture. One reason architecture should look like biology is that biological structures have discovered through evolution the materials and shapes which allow the electrical fields we call life to converge into self-organization and self-awareness”. (Dan Winter – Juan has also developed electrical measurement and techniques for implosion in water, identical in principle to electrical implosion in sacred architecture. Bio-Architecture is the art of designing and building spaces enhancing living systems. Through organic shapes, fractal patterns, certain proportions and bio-resonant ecological building materials it is possible to create functional and sacred space that nurtures and heals the body, mind and spirit. This is key to reestablishing a symbiotic relationship between man and nature. –
Panel 2, Integrating bio-architectural small budget dwelings in natural environments: Since 2007 Alosha Lynov has been crafting geometric affordable individual and village level eco habitats. Alosha Lynov – Since 2007 Alosha Lynov has been developing a living habitat that merges nature with curvilinear interactive play space into one cohesive Living Bio Shelter organism that protects and nourishes the people living within whilst being able to withstand the extreme cold weather without conventional heating.

FRACTALITY (Phase Conjugate Dielectrics-Defining Organic Materials) Concentrate / Distribute the CHARGE of LIFE FORCE In All Living Architecture


New 2019 book 493 pp. (below) - at Amazon Kindle: , Color print edition:

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We are particularly passionate to prove the charge field power spectra predicts the seed growth- AND THEREFORE LIFE FORCE- OF LIVING STRUCTURES-

We showed 3 ways to measure this life force- just below here
(the correct way to tune your domes /homes- for growth making electric fields

Since then we have developed our
life force options-to inexpensively tune buildings for life force

The OVO© - from Klaus Bamberg - of

All living organisms wrap their offspring in an egg before releasing it into the world. In this way it is protected to receive the vital force necessary for its development. The ovoid shape we commonly find is those of birds - more or less the same: pointed at the top and more rounded at the bottom. Also the pine cone has a similar shape, it being a seed container. If we follow its lines, meaning the empty spaces of the pine cone, we will notice a spiral. This spiral is in Golden Mean proportion or ratio.

The OVO© combines the concepts of the egg as container, accumulator and attractor of Life Force with the Golden Mean Spiral being composed of 5 pairs of Golden Mean spirals that seem to move harmoniously clockwise  and counterclockwise.

In sprouting tests the lentil seeds inside the OVO© after one week were visibly longer than the control ones.

It is 3D-printed and can be modified for various applications, which are in gestation.

Disclaimer for humans after the sprout tests: It is advised to use this structure with the awareness one applies to a temple.

Eventually we might also have the Fractal Fridge-OVO©, with which this creative journey of mine began back in 2004...
check out

- Fractal GROWTH by charge design - now in use also by - Our partner- in Bali, Juan Schlosser -

in Bali carefully proved

New Mar 2020- Download Juan Schlosser - New Projects Presentation PDF

Update Feb 28,2017- : Examples of MEASURING Life Force in Architecture- (see 3 ways to measure life force- below)
collaboration betwen Dan Winter- and Juan Schlosser-
(who made the measurements- 2 images below).

Using the GDV capacitance in space measure (see below)- showing the difference in charge / life force between conventional concrete structure- vs- PHI DOME - biologic material- implosively proportioned.

Below- exerpt from New Earth Oracle Magazine: